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DEMONWEBS.COM provide a range of hosting services that accommodate the needs of all users, from personal through business to corporate level.

Overview of key features
- Website hosted in a multi-million pound data-centre.
- 200MB Web Space for your domain name.
- Domain name registration.
- Create unlimited POP3 email accounts and auto responders.
- Unlimited email forwarding.
- Hosted on either Windows or Linux servers.
- Full support for ASP, Perl and ODBC database connectivity.
- Full support for CGI.
- Full support for SQL Server database connectivity.
- Advanced Password Protection facility for your website.
- Full support for SSL Secure Server for secure transactions.
- Access to the Control Panel allowing real-time administration of all aspects of your account.

200MB Web Space
Each account comes with 200MB of disk space as standard.

Create unlimited POP3 email accounts and auto responders
You can have as many email addresses at your domain name as you wish.

Unlimited email forwarding
You can forward email received at your domain name to another email account.

Virus Scanning on your email can setup automatic virus scanning of all email sent to your domain name. The virus scanning operates on the border of the network and incoming messages are checked before they reach your inbox.

Hosted Windows / Linux servers
Your domain is hosted on servers providing full support for ASP, Perl, CGI, SHTML and IHTML scripting technologies. Control Panel can equip you with your own Control Panel, allowing you to control every aspect of your account. From the moment your account is commissioned you could use your control panel to manage your account, setup email and more.

Bandwidth Monitoring can setup your account for you to view current and historical reports online about the bandwidth usage of your account.

Full CGI Support
You can use your own CGI programs developed in any programming language e.g. Visual Basic or Delphi.

ODBC Database Connectivity
Your website can use any ODBC compliant database e.g. Microsoft Access or Microsoft Excel. ODBC data sources can be installed instantly from your control panel.

Microsoft SQL Server database connectivity
You can create Microsoft SQL Server databases on your account and have full control of them via Microsoft Enterprise Manager or ODBC. Microsoft SQL Server is the most powerful database available for the web today and is the solution employed by many Corporate and Financial institutions worldwide.

Advanced Password Protection
You can password protect areas of your website and authenticate users from a text file or any ODBC database. This can be achieved without any scripting and is controlled by the server giving high security and a professional image to visitors.

SSL Secure Server functionality
You can install SSL on your account which will allow secure transactions between your website and your clients. SSL can be commissioned instantly from your control panel.
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